Peanut Color Sorter Machine with All Capacity Available

Sales Peanut Color Sorter Machine with All Capacity Available

Hawit Brand Peanut Color Sorter Machine Can Be Worked to Sort All Kinds of Different Peanut Sorting , which has Widly Been Installed in India Market and China Domestic Market ;

The Capacity of  This Model can  Reach Around 1-14 Tons/h (According to Comtaminate 3%-5%) with Available Models from 1 Chute to 16 Chutes .

The Ejector of This Model Can Use Hawit Brand , SMC Brand (from Japan), or Martrix Brand (from Etaly) , Which Meets  Different Customer Market Requirment .

The Len of Camera is From Toshiba , Japan , The Camera Pixels 5400 .

The Main Available Feature of  This  Model :

Photo Capture Functions:

Shape Sorting Available;

RGB Technology Sorting ;

More Software Design for Different Size of Peanut ;

Friendly Using in Touch Screen ;



Product Detail  

1.Technical Feature:


*5400 Camera Pixels

  HD industry use CCD camera brings the sorting accuracy to 0.04mm²,easy to separate black spot and light



*One Key Operation System

  The user can set the color, shape, size and defect area of the material, and confirm the unqualified material, so that the

  machine can automatically set the sorting scheme of the material according to the principle of independent calculation,

  intelligent identification and intelligent sorting


*New Generation of ARM+FPGA Processor Technology extremely increases the sorting capacity to ensure your high

  producing ability.


*Latest Ejector Technology makes the ejectors longer life time, lower air consumption, faster speed, easier maintenance


  and high sorting accuracy.Hawit brand ejector , SMC ejector or Martrix ejector  can be selected to meet different distributor and end user requirment .


*LED Light Control System

  With advanced digital stepless automatic dimming technology, LED brightness can be automatically adjusted according to

  material sorting requirements and environmental changes. The best sorting performance will be obtained. The latest

  technology of LED system can satisfy the requirements of thousands of color recognition, separation and classification.


*Remote Control System

   Hawit cloud service technology platform can provide real-time online tracking service monitoring and data collection for

  machine operation. It can realize remote control, operation, maintenance and software upgrade, and can detect and solve

  LED lamp, electronic, mechanical and adjustment problems


*Self-Checking System

  Self-test system automatically checks the working status of the camera, control panel and background board, saving you

  the time to check all parts before each operation


*Special Feeding System Design makes each chutes separated and allows you to combine the chutes due to sorting

  requirements, decreases the rejection ratio and air consumption.


2.Technical Specification:
Technical Parameter
Machine weight (Kgs) 1150 1300 1500 1700 1950 2250
Channels No 252 315 378 441 504 630
Pixel of camera 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400 5400
Camera Scanning Speed 16000 16000 16000 16000 16000 16000
Ejector Hawit Brand (Optional);                    SMC Brand  (Optional) Hawit Brand (Optional);                    SMC Brand  (Optional) Hawit Brand (Optional);                    SMC Brand  (Optional) Hawit Brand (Optional);                    SMC Brand  (Optional) Hawit Brand (Optional);                    SMC Brand  (Optional) Hawit Brand (Optional);                    SMC Brand  (Optional)
Capacity (Tons/h) 2--3  2--3 3--4 4--5 5--6 7--8
Color sorting accuracy 99,9%  99,9% 99,9% 99,9% 99,9% 99,9%
Resolutions (mm) 0,08 0,08 0,08 0,08 0,08 0,08
Power (KW) 3.6  4.1  4.7  4.7  5.0  5.4 
Power supply (Voltage/HZ) 220/50 (110/60) 220/50(110/60) 220/50(110/60) 220/50(110/60) 220/50(110/60) 220/50(110/60)
Warrantly One Year One Year One Year One Year One Year One Year
Machine Delivery Time 25-30 days after Advance Payment 25-30 days after advance 20-25 days after advance payments 20-25 days after advance payments 20-25 days after advance payments 20-25 days after advance payments
Air Comsuption (L/min) 1300~2100 1300-2100 2000~3500 2500~4300 3000~4500 5000~6500
Compressor Capacity (Kw) 15 15 22 30 30 37
Machine Dimention(mm) 1912*1574*2090 2226*1574*2090 2540*1574*2090 2854*1574*2090 3168*1574*2090 3796*1574*2090
Wooden case Packing Dimention (mm) 2232*1764*2341 2546*1764*2341 2860*1764*2341 3174*1764*2341 3488*1764*2341 4300*1764*2341

Components Suppliers


  Toshiba Full Color Camera CCD with 5400 pixel


  Phoenix customized industrial lens


  Intel and ATI brand DSP,FPGA

Power supply

  Mean Well

Power switch




CCD camera

The high-end 5400 pixel CCD camera can distinguish the infinitely small spot, and improve the sorting level to a higher level

Optical System

Scientific and reasonable optical design, clearer and wider resolution range

Heat System

Reasonable heat output device ensures that all parts work at room temperature with better signal-to-noise ratio, which not only improves the sorting accuracy, but also extends the service life of the machine.

Image System

More intelligent software can easily identify all kinds of heterochromatic heterogeneous materials and improve the accuracy of selection.

Human-machine operation

humanized true color screen, the visual effect is clearer, the operation is easier


professional high-frequency ejector, save more air, faster reaction speed, higher accuracy, longer life, with intelligent software, to ensure good nesting rate and excellent precision

3 . After Sales Services: 

At site service from local distributor ;

Free software upgrade services ;

One year warranty and free maintenance;

Chinese Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

24 Hours on line Guide from manufacture


4. FAQ
Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory;
Q: Do you have R&D department?
A: Yes, we have our R&D team, which has more than 15 years in sortex software design .
Q: Is engineer oversea service available?
A:Yes, Professional after-sales engineer is available to end-user's site for training & machine installation .
Q: Can we send product samples for test?
A:Sample material for testing use is welcome. a working video will be offered for sorting result inspection.
5.Machine Installation
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