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steel mask plastic cloth keyboard glass sapphire automatic table flying ultraviolet uv laser marking machine

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steel mask plastic cloth keyboard glass sapphire automatic table face mask UV laser marking machine

mask UV laser marking machine

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face mask laser marker

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1.The laser spot diameter of the UV laser marking machine is 3mm, the focusing spot is small, the line width of the small marking is less than or equal to 10um(micron), the line fineness is up to micron, and the fine effect can be carved.

2.High-energy UV light with a wavelength of 355nm directly breaks the chemical bonds of atoms or molecules on the surface of the material and "cold" the material.The heat producing area is small, and the earth guarantees the processing quality.

3.Vibrator type precision marking head, marking effect is fine and can be repeated processing, marking character speed of 300 characters/second, line speed up to 7000mm/s

4.Common ultraviolet laser marking has a high electromechanical optical conversion rate and a laser life of up to 20,000 hours, without replacing the light source.

5.Under normal use, the whole machine will not change or add any fragile and consumable parts.Low cost of late use.

6.The power of the whole machine is only 850 watts, one third of the common similar equipment.The annual electricity saving a lot of money.

7.Marking software compatible with Coreidraw, CAD, Photoshop and other files, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other graphics file formats and bar code marking, can directly use SHX, TTF font, code, print serial number, batch number, date and so on.

Technical Parameters of porcelain UV laser marking machine

Technical Parameters



From China 

Laser Capacity

3W 4W 5W 10W

Laser wave length


Optical quality


Laser repetition frequency


Standard marking area(mm)


Optional marking area(mm)


Marking depth


Marking speed


Online Speed


Min line width


Min character


Repeated accuracy


Operating environment

Clean, without dust or less dust

Total power


Power supply


Cooling way

Water cooling

Working temperature


Working humidity


Sample pictures:

glass laser marking machine

Our Payment:

1)   Usually we accept T/T, Irrevocable L/C at sight. 

2) 30% deposit, the 70% balance should be paid clear before delivery.

3) The delivery day is 7-10 working days.

4) The MOQ is 1set.

First part: Training: 

When the buyer finishes acceptance inspection in factory, the seller will train the buyer’s 2-3 workers and technicians free of charge (till the workers know how to operate the machine), the training will be the following:

1) Common sense of laser safety protection

2) Laser fundamental principle and the structure of laser engraving machine

3) The operating skill of laser engraving software

4) Machine’s operation and matters needing attention

5) Machine daily maintenance, the operation skill of laser adjustment and spare parts changing

6) The training time is about 3 days.


Second part: Installation and debugging:

The seller will install and debug the machine in the buyer’s factory under the buyer’s help when the machine arrives, the technician will carry the necessary special tools and debugging instruments.


Packaging & Shipping of jewelry UV laser marking machine

1) Standard seaworthy plywood case, without fumigation, can be exported directly.

2) Forklift-lift loading, much safer for machine.

3) We will arrange telex release for you or send original BL to you for customs clearance.

4) As for the wholesalers/distributors, we could send the cargo by air, by sea or by railways via reliable forwarder.

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