Carbon 29er All Mountain PRO Wheels With DT Swiss 240 Disc 6 Bolt

Sales Carbon 29er All Mountain PRO Wheels With DT Swiss 240 Disc 6 Bolt

Hand-built carbon 29er All Mountain boost wheels with DT swiss 240 Disc 6-bolt hub and Sapim CX-Ray spokes, which is light, stiff, durable and easy to maintain, suitable for professional riders or racers.

  • Standard : EN Standard
  • Hole Count : F-28H / R-28H
  • Brake : Disc Brake

Product Detail  



The 31mm inner width assures tires put their entire width to the ground and don’t fold over as easily in corners. Suitable for 2.3" to 3.1" tires and hand-built Trail-tough, quick-mannered, and completely innovative, carbon MTB 29er wheels, With DT Swiss 240 Ratchet EXP 36 boost hub which is light, stiff, durable and easy to maintain, which help you go up the steepest climbs and go down the rough descents with your own way. Whatever for professional bike racing or daily amateur riding, you can't go wrong with one of them. Perfect transmission of their power and reliability allows them to focus on the ride.


- Higher impact resistance

- Reduced chance of pinch flatting

- More traction in rough corners

- Smoother ride in rocky terrain

- Ability to run lower tire pressure

- High end DT Swiss 240 MTB hub, Straight pull 

- Sram XD or Shimano 11S/12S driver bodies

- High end Sapim CX-Ray spokes


Model Orn937-24-AM Hub Specifications:
Cross Section

Sectional Drawing
Marterial T700 & T800 Hub DT Swiss 240 Ratchet EXP 36
All Mountain
Sapim CX Ray
Type Hookless Nipples
Sapim Self-Locking
Tubeless Ready Driver Body
Shimano 11S/12S or Sram XD
Internal/External Width 31mm/37mm Brake System
Disc 6-Bolt
Depth 24mm Front Thru Axle
15 x 110mm 
ERD 597 Rear Thru Axle
12 x 148mm 
Weight 440+/-20g Hole Count
F-28H / R-28H
Weight Limit 135kg

Spoke Tension ≤145kgf

Max Tire Pressure 40psi/2.75bar

Tire Recommended 2.3" ~ 3.1"


1. Advantages of Hookless Sidewalls

The bead of the hookless rim is straighter and smoother, and the tire can fully contact the rim wall. Compared with traditional hook rims, it is more durable and impact resistant. Provide more support during sharp turns.

2. Ultra Smooth Inner Wall

Use specific, thinner, high-pressure air bladders to control the inner wall smoothness, The result is that we could see a very clean and smooth inner wall, which means the carbon fabrics are stretched smoothly and optimized. This could ensure the best strength of the fabrics.

3. Burp Free Technology  

When the tire is mounted, the raised portion reinforces the tire bead, making it harder to burp into the center channel.

4. One-Piece Layup Technology

We use a one-piece layup design to increase fiber continuity and reduce the number of overlapping seams increases the impact strength and helps distribute energy and shock from impacts to the rim. for better dynamic balance.

5. CNC Angle Drilling Technology

High-speed CNC machine tools drill carbon fiber rim spoke holes. Customized according to the geometric angle of the hub. which allows the nipple to pull straight in line with the spoke for reduced stress. this results in fewer broken spokes and nipples.


Our carbon fiber rims are formed in one piece, and each rim is made of long carbon fiber without wrinkles, to make the strength of the rim is the strongest. Every component, including the rim serial number, airbag, and carbon fiber prepreg, is collected, inspected, and weighed to confirm that everything has been taken into account.

Read more about carbon rim manufacturing process: link here


In the production process of each carbon fiber rim product, Ornanbike strictly conducts 100% quality inspection and records it in the database. Each carbon fiber rim has a unique ID number, which allows us to provide the highest quality products and track each rim To ensure the best after-sales service.

Read more about carbon rim quality control: link here


Coverage: 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.


1. The Standard Warranty program is not transferable and only applies to the initial purchaser. Valid proof of purchase, pictures of the defect, video, and the product serial number is required for a warranty claim.

2. If any manufacturing defect occurs within 90 days of the date of being received, Ornan Bike is obligated to replace the carbon rim and pay for the shipping cost. If any manufacturing defect occurs after 91 days and up to 2 years, Ornan Bike is obligated to replace the carbon rim, and the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.

3. Any problem found on the warranty replacement product should be claimed within 7 days after the replacement is received, otherwise, the replacement is viewed as settled. The warranty period applies to the original purchase date and does not reset with a replacement rim.

Warranty coverage does not cover:

1. Normal wear and tear (spokes, nipples, rim tape, decals, stickers, etc).

2. Improper assembly or maintenance, including maintenance by an unauthorized technician.

3. Damage or failures caused by a crash, accidental damage, misuse of the product, non-compliance with manufacturer specifications of usage, or any other fractious reasons.


Please thoroughly inspect the package before signing.

1. If there is no damage, sign for the product. If there is damage, report this on the delivery slip or, alternatively, refuse the shipment and it will be returned to Ornan Bike. If a claim is made against the shipping company, they will provide a compensation number. Please inform Ornan Bike of this number for delivery tracking. Arrangements for reshipment will be made within 10~15 business days upon receiving the returned item.

2. If the items are damaged but accepted and not reported, there is no recourse against the delivery company and you are responsible for purchasing any replacement product.

3. If the package is in good condition, but the product is significantly damaged in transit, please keep the waybill, packaging and the shipment gets lost in transit, please get in touch with us ( immediately and all Ornan Bike packages have been covered by insurance.



Our carbon wheels are precise hand built.

Then trued by Holland Mechanics Pro Truer.

The perfect allocation of spoke tension in every spoke 

relatively high spoke tension give many advantages:

- High radial, lateral and torsional stiffness.

- Less spoke tension loss over time.

- Longer durability.

- Less maintenance needed.

Wheel roundness tolerance: ≤0.3mm

Wheel lateral tolerance: ≤0.3mm

Wheel center tolerance: ≤0.3mm

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